KDK Optimist

The KDK Optimist has arrived to revolutionize the Optimist Class. This is where top quality boat building meets ultimate race performance.

The KDK team have used their experience acquired building world-class racing boats over the last 20 years to develop and produce this race-winning boat that will meet the expectations of the most demanding sailors.

What makes the KDK Race Optimist hull unique?

  • Unique custom design, updated in 2022.
  • Models cut by 5-axis computer numerical control (CNC)
  • Top of the line resin and fibre materials
  • Very stiff midship frame
  • Laser alignment of the hull, the deck and the daggerboard case
  • Top of the range fittings
  • Stiffer and stronger mast step
  • Rubber daggerboard inserts to ensure perfect fitting

The KDK Race Optimist was certified by the IODA in just one visit by the prototype measurer. The fact that this is only the second time in 70 years of history of the Class that this happens is a testament to the quality of this boat.