Laser® Radial Size Replacement Sail Package





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The MSB Sail Package includes Sail, Sail Numbers, with fitting instructions, Small Sail Bag, Batten set and Telltails.

Order the MSB Sail Package to benefit from massive savings over buying these items separately.

The MSB Replacement Laser® 5.76 sq. metre sail is ideal for crew weight 55-75 kilos or heavier or less experienced crews.

Our sail cloth is similar 3.8 weight Dacron as the genuine branded equivalent. They are cut to virtually the same dimensions, unlike rival products. Do not mistake our sails for heavier training and school sails as ours are designed and made for competitive club level racing, training and recreational use.

The package includes four red and eight black digital 8 sale numbers to allow you to create any 6 digit sail number.

Note: If your boat is Standard or 4.7 Rigged you will need a Radial Bottom Mast to use this sail. See our Spars Section, or Rig Packages. All three Laser® rig options use the same top mast and boom. Kicker is interchangeable between the bottom masts.